- Beet, goat cheese, rye bread, hemp seeds, raspberries, balsamic vinegar, rucola, pine nuts. EUR 7,50

- Tomatoes with mozzarella, pesto, basil cheese cream, olive tapenade, dried ciabatta, walnuts, rucola. EUR 7,50

- Caesar's salad / chicken / bacon / prawns. EUR 7,50 / EUR 7,50 / EUR 9,50

- Salad with basil fresh cheese, linseed, baked pumpkin and peach puree, pear, Soira hard cheese, cucumber, confit cherry tomatos, wine jelly. EUR 7,50

- Green pea cream soup, croutons, quail egg. EUR 6,00

- Spinach ravioli, sundried tomatoes, nuts, hard cheese, hazelnut oil. EUR 8,50

- Gluten-free penne, with muscat squash, home-made ricotta, spinach, hard cheese, pumpkin seeds, honey. EUR 7,90

- Fried green asparagus, aubergine puree, Feta cheese, sundried tomato pesto, crunchy lentils, air-cured cherry tomatoes, herb oil. EUR 9,00



- Lightly salted mackerel, home-made ricotta, potato, chives, dried onions, shallot, fried spring onions, rye bread chips. EUR 8,00

- Tiger prawns in garlic butter, mango salsa, ruccola, guacamole, vanilla mayonnaise. EUR 10,90

- Mussel cream soup, smoked trout whip, snow peas, dried salmon skin, flying fish caviar. EUR 9,50

- Salmon terrine cooked at low temperature, green peas, quinoa, green asparagus, ginger and rye bread stew, smoked trout, caviar, sour cream, herb oil. EUR 13,00

- Pike pearch fillet, cauliflower varieties, almonds, Brussels sprouts, volute sauce. EUR 13,50

- Catfish fillet, cod liver cream, mashed rutabaga, Kale, dried parsnip. EUR 12,50


- Oxtail broth with sherry, won ton with ox meat and porcini, venison salami, chives, lavash. EUR 7,50

- Black angus ‘’Raw’’, chicken egg yolk, quail egg, pickled kohlrabi, mustard seeds, wakame, gherkins, pickled honey fungi, dried bread, caper mayonnaise. EUR 12,50

- Pork, baked apple salsa, potato gratin, gravy, red bilberries, Brussels sprouts, broad beans. EUR 9,50

- Veal Osso Buco, shiitake mash, buckwheat spaghetti with vegetables and oyster mushrooms, rice paper, pak choi, oat-flakes in sweet soya sauce, demi glaceEUR 17,50

- Chicken breast, honeyed autumn root vegetables, snow peas, volute sauce, caramelised cauliflower crumble. EUR 8,50

- Burger with cheese, bacon and vegetables, whole grain ciabatta, French fries, pickled cucumber sauce. EUR 12,50

- Duck breast, parsnip, quince gel, oranges, pine nuts. EUR 13,50

- Lamb rump steak, burnt aubergine mash, goat cheese, spring onions, green peas, cherry tomatoes, dried fennel, demi glaceEUR 16,00

- Beef fillet steak, grilled vegetables, oven baked potato with cheese, onions marinated in wine, demi glace with truffle paste. EUR 21,50

- Papardelle with chicken breast and sundried tomatoes, creamy tomato sauce, hard cheese. EUR 7,50



- Nougat mousse, chocolate, wafers, hazelnuts, raspberries, parsnip, Mokka liqueurEUR 6,50

- Apple pie, vanilla sauce, black currants, ice cream, meringue, honey jelly, farina. EUR 6,50

- Passion fruit cream, profiteroles, lemon, orange and quince stew, cranberries, white chocolate. EUR 6,50

- Crème brûlée made with hay, brown sugar caramel, berries. EUR 6,50

- Mixed ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts, hemp, cranberries. EUR 6,50

- Cheese platter. EUR 12,00 / two persons

- ANTIPASTA. EUR 12,00 / two persons