Smoked beetroots, goat cheese, raspberries, balsamico, Jerusalem artichoke cramble, rucola 8,30 Eur

Creamy burrata cheese, tomatoes, basil, pecans, rucola, balsamic “caviar” pearls, lemon vinaigrette sauce 8,50 Eur

Jerusalem artichoke cream soup, cherry tomato confit, Soira hard cheese, Jerusalem artichoke cramble, coffee – rye bread – ginger decoction 8,50 Eur

Roasted pearl barley risotto with bolete, sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, shallot onion, rucola, parmesan, truffle oil 8,90 Eur


Meat dishes

 Minced beef fillet, pok choi, ripen wheat, egg yolk (chicken), vegetables, parma ham, roasted ciabatta, beef broth 10,70 Eur

Slowly cooked duck breast, wheat, beetroot puree, shallot onions, parsley, goat cheese, red wine – cherry sauce 13,90 Eur

Lamb kare, peppermint crumbs, sweet potato, flamed fennel, broccoli, demi-glace 16,00 Eur

 Flank steak, potato puree with Soira cheese, pok choi, honey-glazed autumn root vegetables, dried Jerusalem artichoke, truffle demi-glace 22,50 Eur

Beef burger with cheese, bacon and vegetables, red onion marmalade, sun dried tomato bread, French fries, cheese sauce 12,50 Eur

Stewed veal cheeks, flamed potatoes, zucchini chiffonade, dried raspberries, red onion marmalade, demi-glace 13,00 Eur


 Flamed trout fillet, goat cheese – green peas variations, flying fish caviar, balsamico, rye bread 9,40 eur 

Chili tiger prawn – in rosemary glaze, balsamic “caviar” pearls, rucola, seaweed, pistachio mousse, bread crumbs 10,90 Eur

Trout fillet, buckwheat noodles, colorful carrot variations, flying fish caviar, white wine sauce 13,50 Eur 

Slowly cooked butter fish, tomato pesto, Mozzarella, parsnip, quinoa, carrot chips, volute sauce 12,00 Eur

Smoked scallops, parsnip puree with nuts, chorizo, wakame, rucola 14,70 Eur


 White chocolate cheesecake, wine pickled berries, blueberry cream, almonds 6.50 Eur

Halva mousse, raspberries, macaroons, pistachios, sea buckthorn, meringue cookies 6,50 Eur

Chocolate – coffee dessert, cranberries, meringue cookies, corn-flowers 6,50 Eur


Appetizer with wine

Soira cheese selection 12,00 Eur