Expressiveness, creativity and artistic touch – a story, which starts as a recipe from the cover of a gorgeous cookbook until the delicious meal under the cover of a saucepan supervised by the chef. This story unfolds in the restaurant Kuk Buk.

Kuk Buk chef Andris Jugāns

Kuk Buk chef Andris Jugāns is modest and simple in his views, he does not try to please someone or prove anything, yet his work speaks for itself. His passion for cooking results in experimenting with common ingredients and using them to create artistic taste combinations. Speaking about an outstanding restaurant, Andris is convinced that “each detail has to be in balance, there is no place for unsolved odds and ends in the restaurant concept, sooner or later they will be noticed. Everything has to be brilliant – restaurant design, service, meal, only then we can speak about a high level restaurant.”

Same as we turn over the new page of a magnificently illustrated book, delighting our eye with its beauty, KUK BUK delights guests with the unusual yet unconventional and courageous meals. Come and enjoy!

/text: Kristīne Upeniece/